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Root canal treatment:
dental equipment and dental tools

Root canal treatment is still struggling against the problem of recurring infections. Substantial number of bacteria responsible for repeated infections gets to the root systems during root canal treatment, especially if the tooth was not properly secured with specialist dental material, that is dental dam sometimes known as a „Cofferdam”). Dental dam not only facilitates the work of a dentist and increases access to operative field but also protects against the entry of toxic substances and tiny dental tools into the patient’s oral cavity. Moreover, the dam partially protects against bacteria getting from oral cavity to the inside of tooth canals being treated.


During root canal treatment, it is necessary to chemically treat the canals with the use of appropriate dental materials, that is rinsing liquid of antibacterial properties, capable of dissolving all organic contaminants residing in the root system that are already available in all major dental wholesalers.


Presently, a variety of disinfecting dental materials is used during root canal treatment: sodium hypochlorite, Ringer’s solution, hydrogen peroxide, MTAD, chlorhexidine, isopropyl alcohol, and urea peroxide. Their use generally involves a high risk of local irritation and not too convenient application methods. The effect of commonly used rinsing substances is impermanent – antibacterial effect is observed only during application. If after the completion of root canal treatment, bacteria are present in the canals in spore form or if they get into the canals through microfissures, then they might grow freely, thereby leading to the emergence of recurring infections that might threaten durability of the tooth filling such as porcelain crown, bridges (also known as a fixed partial denture) and other types of restoration.

Root canal treatment: new pattern of procedure


The NANOCARE PLUS dental materials offered by the company Dental Nanotechnology and available in many dental wholesaler allow dentists to eliminate the risk of recurring infection after root canal treatment.


The NANOCARE PLUS dental materials make use of bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties of nanoparticles of silver and gold. The application of preparation is recommended as a method supplementing conventional root canals rinsing on-treatment of the teeth, for example with the use of sodium hypochlorite. NANOCARE PLUS allows the achievement permanent sterilization effect thanks to constant presence of nanosilver and nanogold on the surface of tooth canals. The NANOCARE PLUS dental materials prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi that contribute to the development of recurring infections once root canal treatment is completed (including E. faecalis, C. albicans).
When systems of root canals are cleaned and coated with active nanoparticles of silver and gold, they are ready to be filled with liquid gutta-percha. After the application of the NANOCARE PLUS dental material, the canals should not be rinsed with any other substances whatsoever or with water. One should only dry the canals by means of dental blower and paper drains.